Sometimes a young person has to try a few different things before they land on the right opportunity.

Wade started working with Youth Employment Partnership (YEP) in August 2016 and was initially interested in IT and technical work, but wasn’t sure exactly about what kind of job would be best suited for him. YEP Work Mentor, Chad Spencer, worked closely with Wade to develop his goals and explore different study and work options.

YEP Recruitment Manager Michael Makhoul then organised work opportunities in retail and electrical trades for Wade to try, before referring Wade to our partners, Talent RISE, to explore IT traineeships with WorkVentures.

Michael said, "working with partners such as WorkVentures, and Talent RISE allows PeoplePlus and YEP to offer more job opportunities to young people like Wade and that we use these partnerships to find the right opportunity for our participants. This is why we are called the Youth Employment Partnership."

This was exactly the case for Wade Choi, from Tempe in Sydney’s Inner West who recently secured a job as a Logistics Officer with WorkVentures and is already exploring the option of combining his work with a Traineeship in Logistics.

Before starting his new job, Wade completed a Kick Start Program with WorkVentures, which allowed him to try different areas of the business, including warehouse logistics, IT call centre, computer hardware repair, and administration. It was during this experience that Wade discovered his interest in Logistics.

“I learned a lot during the Kick Start program. I originally wanted to do IT but I like the warehouse better than the other jobs as it still involves computers and it’s a really inviting and welcoming workplace.”

WorkVentures Head of Training and Recruitment, Anne Kelly said, “We’re committed to giving a chance to young people like Wade. We’ve got great supervisors in our different divisions who can really support young people to be successful in their job.”

Further to this, Anne said that "WorkVentures’ corporate clients, including the likes of Telstra and NBN Co. are fully supportive of the chance they’re providing for young people."

YEP Business Manager, Kate Wright, believes that many young people need an employer who will take a chance on them and help them adjust to working life.

“We work with young people who have left school at an early age and quite often, from disadvantaged backgrounds. A lot of the time, they’ve lost confidence in themselves, especially if they struggled at school.

“Sometimes it takes them a hole to come out of their shell and be confident in their strengths, but our Mentoring program is designed to support them to find the pathway into a career that is right for them.”

Wade is enjoying his new job and is excited about where it might lead in the future.

“I’d recommend working with YEP and I’m really liking this job. I can even ride my bike to work.”

The team at PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Wade on this fantastic achievement and wish you continued success in your career.

Photo (left to right: YEP Recruitment Manager - Michael Makhoul, Wade Choi, WorkVentures Head of Training and Recruitment - Anne Kelly, YEP Business Manager - Kate Wright)