When Meredith came to PeoplePlus, she had been on employment benefits for 133 weeks. She has a long history of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

Meredith even found that attending initial appointments with PeoplePlus was debilitating due to her anxiety. Her Case Manager at PeoplePlus, Clive Hines, has worked with Meredith for several months to improve her low self-esteem barriers and to get her used to daily, face-to-face interactions again.

To work through these obstacles, Clive began to encourage Meredith to ‘do more of what she loves’, with the intention to build up confidence in herself again.

Meredith has always enjoyed poetry, and together with Clive, she enrolled to speak at a poetry day where she stood up in front of the crowd and read out her poems to the audience. As a result of having significantly ‘broken down’ her self-esteem barrier, Clive believes that Meredith has since made tremendous progress as a result of her new found confidence.

“We can often fail to think as carefully about helping others as we should, and that means we pass up opportunities to make a tremendous difference. The progression and willingness to change I have seen in Meredith have been outstanding.

“Her approach to life, her career and attitude have been so fulfilling to watch. One of the most important factors of being a Case Manager is to show job seekers their worth. Every day our aim should be to make someone’s life better”, says Clive.

Meredith has since secured employment with two positions in Kyneton. By working between 20-35 hours each fortnight, this is bettering her mental health and enabling her to be more confident and self-reliant every day.

She credits the success to finding work through the jobactive and Post Placement Support programs and services available through PeoplePlus.

“I couldn't be happier to get some work. It's been a long road to get this job, but without the help of PeoplePlus, I would never have got it. I can't thank you enough for all you support", says Meredith.

Clive continues to check in on her on a regular basis to ensure that she is doing well and reminding her that he can assist in any work related issues she may have. The team at PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Meredith on this fantastic achievement and wish you continued success in your career.