(Photo: Sandra Leyden, Sales / Marketing / Customer Service Representative and David Walker, Human Resources Supervisor at Winchester Australia.)

PeoplePlus’ labour hire division, Fast Track, recently visited the industrial heartland of Geelong to meet with leading manufacturer and distributor of firearms and ammunition, Winchester Australia.

Since 1967, Winchester Australia has distributed some of the most prestigious brands across Australia as well as manufacturing some of the world’s finest rounds, including their famous range of Australian Rimfire.

To meet customer and production demands, Winchester Australia approached PeoplePlus in July 2016 to supply seasonal labour options to meet these requirements. It was at this time that Winchester Australia Human Resources Supervisor, David Walker also wanted to address their primary concern - unexpected absentees on the production line which was negatively impacting production goals.

“We chose PeoplePlus because of their reputation in the marketplace. This was essential to enable Winchester to fulfill tight deadlines on customer contracts and to cover employees on leave so minimum production could be achieved. Having on-call candidates has also allowed us to multi-skill many employees and provide opportunities for training to occur by topping up staffing levels,” David says.

To date, 27 employees have been employed casually at Winchester Australia and perform various roles in the production of small arms ammunition.

(Photo: A quick break to meet the team during a busy day on the production line.)

David says that sourcing suitable and skilled local labour has been achieved through an efficient and stringent two-step induction process which includes two hours of screening and interviews at both PeoplePlus and Winchester Australia.

“We weren’t looking for any particular skills, but anyone who had trade and warehousing skills certainly had an advantage. The two-step induction process is a good investment in time. It’s not just about walking in and pressing a button, there’s lots of aptitude and attitude which we are also looking for,” David says.

PeoplePlus National Sales Manager, Estela Aiello believes that the persistence of these local job seekers has been beneficial to the Geelong area.

“Now that these job seekers are in work, they feel empowered, motivated and full of spirit that they are then able to give back to the local community,” Estela says.

With a strong and motivated pool of casual employees now available for Winchester in order to backfill absentees and meet production demands, David Walker believes that the induction process and clear line of communication and consultation from PeoplePlus have resulted in a smooth and open working relationship.

“Personally in dealing with PeoplePlus, they’ve taken the time to understand the seriousness which we take in selecting the best applicant. By listening to our needs, PeoplePlus have been able to provide the best-suited candidates for our requirements. This ensures that we are then filtering out the best candidate that we can possibly get,” David says.

PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Winchester on their 50th year of operations here in Australia, and continued success in the future.

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