When Craig Harris first starting working with PeoplePlus, he was unemployed for over 306 weeks.

He was qualified to install fire sprinkler systems however he had come to be known by his last few employers as having an unreliable attendance record.

To improve punctuality, Craig completed the PeoplePlus advanced Resilience Workshop Programme which gave him insights into the behaviours that were causing his unreliability. Importantly, he gained new skills in making powerful and positive choices. We then worked with Craig in a Personal Marketing Programme which developed his Job Search Skills.

Craig then won a job as a General Labourer with Whitewater Recruitment and is proving himself to be a valuable employee, and the feedback from Whitewater has been extremely encouraging. Craig said, "it was a combination of Resilience Training, Job Search Skills, and Persistence that landed me the job and I am using my new skills to be a more reliable employee."

Craig’s Case Manager Zoe Shaw continues to work with Craig, assisting him with completing weekly time-sheets, providing transport assistance and a mobile phone. Zoe said, "Craig has come a long way since he started with PeoplePlus Australia. He is a Success Story today because of his own persistence and our guidance. I am very proud that he has now reached 12 weeks of employment."

The team at PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Craig on this fantastic achievement and wish you continued success in your career.