The opening of the new Bendigo Hospital in January 2017 has been welcome news for locals, particularly for 26-year-old Tim Kalms who recently secured employment as a Patient Porter with Bendigo Health.

This fantastic achievement coincided with the amazing team effort of the PeoplePlus Bendigo team, who in the past two months have placed 58 job seekers, including Tim, with employment at Bendigo Health.

Tim worked closely with the Bendigo team and officially started his new job on January 24, 2017. He has since been working up to 70 hours per fortnight, as well as taking any shift that is offered to him. His day-to-day duties include patient transport within the wards. Even though Tim is on his feet all day at work, he is absolutely loving the new role.

Tim is also currently enrolled in our community services course that is now underway at Bendigo. Since returning, Tim also provided a presentation to current job seekers discussing the new job and the how this has been successful for him so far.

The team at PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Tim on this fantastic achievement and wish you continued success in your career.