PeoplePlus job seeker Mohamed came to Australia from Egypt in 2010, working on a casual basis as a security guard.

In early 2015, Mohamed travelled back to Egypt to visit family before returning to Australia in mid-2016 with the hope of securing permanent employment.

Showing dedication and determination, Mohamed often stayed at the PeoplePlus office until closing time, working on his résumé and job applications.

Once Mohamed was connected with the PeoplePlus recruitment team, things started to fall into place - he began employment working in Security with NSG at Blacktown Railway Station before moving to Lithgow.

When Mohamed returned to the PeoplePlus office, he shared that he was "So excited about my new role at Lithgow" and proudly showed his Case Manager his first payslip. He also shared that he was finally able to purchase a new car.

The whole office shared Mohamed's excitement, ringing the placement bell in celebration.

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