Youth Employment Partnership today launched its Youth Employment Pledge in Barangaroo, NSW.

The Youth Employment Pledge encourages employers, industries and communities to make a ‘pledge’ to provide a disadvantaged young person with a foot in the door to get their career started.

As part of the Pledge, YEP is working with employers to design pre-employment programs, place young people into jobs, and support them and their employers to provide a helping hand to ensure they get the best chance in life.

Where employers do not have current jobs to pledge, the YEP team is encouraging an open dialogue to create opportunities for young people through mentoring, workplace visits, work experience, presentations and seminars.

PeoplePlus/YEP CEO Con Kittos discussed how the opportunities being provided by YEP can go a long way to assist the lives of young people, and that industry leaders and employers are the key to affecting change by providing opportunities for those who need it.

“Many disadvantaged young people are at high risk of long-term unemployment in today’s workforce.

“There are employment opportunities out there in the Australian labour market, however young people aren’t getting the chance they need to get a look-in, and that’s what we’re here to change,” Mr Kittos said.

To find out more about YEP’s Youth Employment Pledge, visit: