Kogarah Branch Manager Alicea knows that it’s the small things that can transform a job seeker’s job readiness.

And in return, it’s the small gestures of appreciation that make all the difference for PeoplePlus staff who work on the frontline.

“I recently had a client show his gratitude in such a nice way.

“The client in focus - Pourya - had severe employment barriers in relation to drug use and mental health issues.

“He’d also been unemployed for a very long time. He had quite a few barriers to break through,” Alicea said.

As Branch Manager, Alicea had been working in a hands-on role with the Pourya to help him get job-ready, which included putting him through traffic control courses, assisting him with filling out forms, and demonstrating how to provide sufficient identification.

All the while, Alicea’s wider team were pooling their resources to help find Pourya employment through the jobactive network.

The team’s collaborative work paid off, with Pourya securing not one, but two jobs.

“Pourya still comes to visit the PeoplePlus office regularly to thank our team for their help.

“We’ve seen such an amazing transition in Pourya in terms of his work ethic, his confidence levels, and his overall presentation and disposition,” Alicea said.

To express his appreciation, Pourya recently brought Alicea and the Kogarah team flowers and chocolates as he continued to share how she has changed many aspects in his life for the better, and to reiterate how grateful he was.

This simple gesture of thanks by the client brought many smiles to the staff members in the office.

“Every so often, our team is reminded of why working within the jobactive space at PeoplePlus is so worthwhile.

“We’re all here to help our clients transform their lives, and Pourya’s outcome is an excellent example of seeing through our clients’ barriers and not underestimating their potential,” Alicea said.