PeoplePlus is pleased to announce that we have been appointed by the Department of Social Services to the new panel of Disability Employment Services (DES) Providers to deliver services across Australia from 1 July 2018.

To help people with disabilities achieve their work and financial goals, the services will include highly-tailored assistance in vocational training, employment preparation, work experience opportunities and job search for eligible participants.

PeoplePlus has built a strong reputation for its commitment to creating social and economic opportunities for Australia’s most disadvantaged and is well-known for delivering highly-effective programs constructed on innovative solutions and community connections.

PeoplePlus Executive Chairman, Con Kittos, said, “I am delighted and looking forward to delivering Disability Employment Services across the nation.

"We will be expanding our presence from 20 current sites across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to 73 new locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and South Australia which will deliver a jobs-focused disability employment services across the country. "

PeoplePlus leads a unique solution for the delivery of Disability Employment Services in collaboration with Fore Method across South Australia as well as Uniting Vic.Tas across Victoria and Tasmania. These partnerships combine expert knowledge and experience in employment services, disability and personal injury and our innovative approach to service delivery.

Mr. Kittos believes that industry engagement and research at both a national and international level was instrumental in this achievement.

“We began our work on entering the disability employment market almost two years ago which included engaging subject matter experts worldwide, as well as partnering with medical and allied health professionals to build a service delivery model that challenges our traditional view of human services delivery."

Having been awarded such broad coverage on the panel means we can now put that hard work into practice and build upon our existing high performing employment services business to the benefit of jobs seekers with a disability.

Mr. Kittos went on to say that, “PeoplePlus is growing to become a great Australian company committed to helping people to transform their lives and businesses through work, education, and training.”

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