PeoplePlus Australia is proud to announce the launch of its second annual Stars for Hire campaign which aims to provide 1500 jobs between September and December to those who need it the most.

Following on from the success of the inaugural campaign which ran over the 2016/2017 Holiday and New Year period, we look forward to the Stars for Hire campaign becoming a regular annual event.

PeoplePlus Executive Director, Con Kittos said, "Since the country is producing more new jobs than ever before, our mission is to place as many people into work."

For every 500 jobs we secure, we’ll also donate $1000 to an affiliated charity as chosen by our staff. For this campaign, our jobactive and Transition to Work teams will work together to secure employment for our clients.

PeoplePlus General Manager of Operations, Andrew Hills said, “We are excited to launch our “Stars for Hire” campaign for the second year and we are also raising the challenge for our teams.

“The PeoplePlus team is on board with many employers already supporting our campaign but we are keen to get more employers and more people into work so please support us by taking on one of our clients today,” Andrew said.

PeoplePlus Youth Employment Partnership Business Manager, Kate Wright said, “Youth Employment Partnership is looking forward to this campaign to give opportunities to our young people before the end of the year.

“We already work with great employers who give our young people a foot in the door but we are always looking for more employers to provide opportunities to young people who need a chance to kick-start their career," Kate said.

Regular updates will be provided throughout the duration of our campaign on our website and social media channels.

We look forward to making this 2017 Stars for Hire campaign another success.