As part of Jobs Victoria’s JVEN (Jobs Victoria Employment Network), PeoplePlus Australia and Fitted for Work are now working together to deliver services that have a direct impact on a person’s ability to find and sustain long term employment.

The result of this partnership will see our JVEN clients referred to Fitted for Work to be prepared, fitted and provided with suitable work clothing, assisted with job search skills and placed into long term employment opportunities.

To mark the announcement of the new partnership, PeoplePlus recently visited Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Women's Centre to meet with the team at Fitted for Work.

Since 2005, Fitted for Work have helped over 24,000 women experiencing disadvantage to courageously break through barriers to get and keep work.

Fitted for Work is a not for profit that provides employment services which help women build their skills and develop their confidence in order to achieve meaningful work. Their goal is to help as many women as we can who are experiencing disadvantage get into work and keep it.

Our JVEN Coordinator, Troy Hellingman says that this new partnership will encourage young female job seekers to utilise this new partnership to their benefit.

“Our partnership with Fitted for Work provides a genuine approach to having our job seekers become work ready and confident for their future employment opportunities.

"Assisting disadvantaged people who are entering the workforce often requires more than one service or support, to ensure our job seekers are successfully placed into sustainable employment, PeoplePlus and Fitted for Work will work together to deliver a full range of services that include mentoring, job readiness, interview skills and post placement support."

Fitted for Work's Business Development Manager, Xavier Buckley said, “Fitted for Work is delighted to partner with PeoplePlus through the Jobs Victoria Employment Network program and we look forward to working with their clients across our range of services throughout the year.

“Through Jobs Victoria, the state government currently funds Fitted for Work to deliver services directly to female JVEN clients.

“Clients can be referred into our clothing boutique by PeoplePlus through the Fitted for Work website and from there we can also look to book them into our other services such as our resume/interview hub, makeup workshops and job preparation days.”

The first of our applicants to participate in this new partnership were Alaleh Schwarzenholz (pictured left) and Jacqueline Mazzella (pictured right), who both work out of our Melbourne office and were recruited in early 2017 through the JVEN Program.

Alaleh arrived in Australia from Iran three years ago and had been looking for work for over two years. She first heard about the JVEN program while searching online for work opportunities.

After further consultation with her jobactive provider, an interview with our JVEN Coordinator, Troy Hellingman was arranged where she then secured employment with PeoplePlus as a Data Administrator.

“I’m very happy to have found work and love my new job. I have some great work colleagues, and I feel motivated here where I can work to further my career in business and data administration.”

Jacqueline was initially referred to the JVEN program through an information session held by a jobactive provider. She was then offered the opportunity to do a traineeship with PeoplePlus and is now our Administrative Assistant.

“After the information session with PeoplePlus and their services for JVEN, I came away feeling confident about finding steady employment and a month later the opportunity for a traineeship became available. I love the duties and work I get to do as part of my role, and the work environment is great, “says Jacqueline.

Both Alaleh and Jacqueline were appreciative of the support and professionalism provided on the day, and are loving their new work attire.

“Fitted for Work helped me so much to find a confident look for the office environment. They gave me some great tips and advice on suitable clothing, and this has given me more confidence at work,” said Alaleh.

“It is encouraging to know that there is a place which provides suitable clothing for an office environment. The staff at Fitted for Work were extremely patient, helpful and attentive and have welcomed me back for a future visit,” said Jacqueline.

PeoplePlus look forward to our continued work with Fitted for Work in this exciting new partnership.