It is with great pleasure that PeoplePlus Australia is proud to announce that our Executive Director, Emma Crichton (pictured left with Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash) has been awarded the 2017 NESA Employment Discovery Grant.

Emma will now travel to the 2018 OECD LEED Forum as a guest of NESA CEO, Sally Sinclair.

Upon receiving the grant, Emma thanked NESA for their consideration as well as praising her fellow finalists who were shortlisted in the same category.

“I acknowledge the contribution from all the female finalists and that we’re not recognised enough at the senior executive level. They should be because they are the achievers in the industry.

“Since Con Kittos purchased PeoplePlus in April 2016, the culture has become one that is so positive that we’re all able to shine in our jobs.”

Emma is looking forward to next year’s forum, which groups partners from national government, local authorities, employment and training agencies, businesses and non-government organisations in exchanging experience on how to achieve cross-cutting goals in times of limited resources.

“I’m thrilled to have been chosen as the leader to attend the OECD Forum in Europe. I’m very happy today to have been recognised for my individual achievements and looking forward to having an influence on the employment sector upon my return.”

From the team at PeoplePlus Australia, congratulations Emma on a well-deserved win and we are all very proud of you today.