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Training Days: Phil Mitchell

The plight of a single-program Trainer is not all that easy.

2017 Stars for Hire Charity Contribution: Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Our National Sales Manager, Estela Aiello recently handed over a cheque for $1000 to Dr Anthony Cree OAM, CEO & Founder of Aboriginal Literacy Foundation in recognition of the first major milestone for our 2017 Stars for Hire Campaign.

Michael sets his wheels in motion by turning a dream into an exciting career

Everyone has a dream in life and with some persistence and support from mentors like the Team at YEP, young people like Michael can achieve their dreams, even if it's to own a limousine!

Creating connections for Youth Career Day in Sydney

We recently held our Youth Career Day hosted through our programs for jobactive (jobactive - PeoplePlus) and Transition to Work (YEP Australia).

How to get that job through resilience and persistence

The Hutech team, (from left) Imran, Hutech Production Manager, Geoff Croucher and Ibrahim.

How Stephen and Kelly found the confidence to achieve their employment goals

For Stephen and Kelly who hail from the fringes of Southern Sydney, the journey to achieving sustainable employment had been challenging and turbulent to say the least.

PeoplePlus launch 2017 Stars for Hire campaign

PeoplePlus Australia is proud to announce the launch of its second annual Stars for Hire campaign which aims to provide 1500 jobs between September and December to those who need it the most.

PeoplePlus and Fitted for Work partnering together for JVEN program

As part of Jobs Victoria’s JVEN (Jobs Victoria Employment Network), PeoplePlus Australia and Fitted for Work are now working together to deliver services that have a direct impact on a person’s ability to find and sustain long term employment.

National Skills Week 2017: Stephanie Paduano

This week is National Skills Week.

Emma Crichton awarded NESA Employment Discovery Grant 2017

It is with great pleasure that PeoplePlus Australia is proud to announce that our Executive Director, Emma Crichton (pictured left with Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash) has been awarded the 2017 NESA Employment Discovery Grant.

How Tori turned her passion into a local Enterprise

A lot can happen in a year, just ask Newstead local Tori Smith.

Christian Maher proud winner of NESA Scholarship

Our Branch Manager, Christian Maher has just been announced as a winner of the NESA Scholarship.

NESA Employment Discovery Grant 2017

Emma Crichton has been shortlisted for 2017 NESA Employment Discovery Grant.

How Wade used the power of Partnerships

Sometimes a young person has to try a few different things before they land on the right opportunity.

Poetry and confidence the key in Meredith’s path to employment

When Meredith came to PeoplePlus, she had been on employment benefits for 133 weeks. She has a long history of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.